Best freakin' coffee on the planet

I’ve never been a fan of Starbucks coffee—their caffeine, yes, their coffee, no—and so herewith I offer you the chance to try the most freaking awesome coffee on the planet. I’ve never been a big fan of dark roast, and dark roast seems to have proliferated ever since the global expansion of Starbucks. But there’s way better coffee awaiting your discerning palate.

I’m not sure that I’ve had a better light roast than the ones that D’Amico’s sells. D’Amico’s totally excellent coffee was introduced to me a few years ago by my daughter (who no longer drinks coffee), or perhaps her mother or stepfather. I personally like the Costa Rica san Pablo Tarazu and the Colombian Supremo light.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. According to their website, Zagat’s named them #1 coffee in New York for 2008.

They do all their roasting on the premises, and I highly recommend, if you happen to be in Brooklyn, to go and buy whatever just came out of the roaster.

Sorry Zabar’s. I still love your coffee, and all the other stuff you sell.

Tell me what you think. Seriously.