Final Appearance

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“It” girl Ellen Gregory has it all: a brilliant career in stand-up comedy, a smash-hit sitcom, the obligatory celebrity mansion in L.A., and the publicists, manager, and studio executives that come with it. She is, simply, America’s Favorite Girl Next Door. But after a violent encounter with a stalker, Ellen flees Hollywood and finds herself on a journey made for the big screen. From L.A. to New York to her childhood home in Iowa to the bedroom of a brilliant scientist who defies fate, Ellen Gregory rewrites the script of her life as she never imagined it.
A sexy, romantic, literary page-turner, THE FINAL APPEARANCE OF AMERICA’S FAVORITE GIRL NEXT DOOR explores the collision of predestination, technology, science, love, and loss.

What People Are Saying

This blurb can’t capture my admiration, or how entertaining, thought-provoking and beautiful I found The Final Appearance of America’s Girl Next Door. It is like no novel you’ve read. At the same time it is an extended and leisurely meditation on all things related to the human condition, it is a roller-coaster of psychological suspense. Ellen Gregory and her fellow-characters are so alive as to seem uncanny, and yet larger than life. This novel is full of realism and archetypal resonance. The writing, in is precision, is poetic and casual at once. “It’s a flashy business compiling algorithms.” Stephen Stark has as much in common, as a writer, with Cormac McCarthy as he does with James Ellroy. The result is a novel that is simultaneously a page-turner and an echoing chamber at once.

Laura Kasischke, award-winning and truly awesome poet and author of the novels The Life Before Her EyesSuspicious River, Be Mine and a whole lot of very fine poetry.

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