Prepping for Frankenstorm

The rule usually seems to be the case that if you prepare for it, it won’t happen—and boy do I wish that were going to be the case this time around. Yeah, I don’t think we are going to be that lucky. This one looks pretty sure to cause a lot of problems. This is the Washington Post‘s take.

So it was out to Domed Teapot, my favorite home DIY store. Lots of people doing lots of shopping. Major racks of batteries. Guessing all of the generators are long gone. Not that I could afford one.

I hate having power out, but it’s not so bad if it’s just for a couple of days. Doesn’t seem that there’s much I can do other than what I have. So, here’s to Sandy. Oh, yeah, better stock up on beer!

There is nothing better than warm beer when your power is out. And apparently diapers.

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One thought on “Prepping for Frankenstorm

  1. We had a week-long power outage a few years ago up in Northern California. I had a box of ice cream in the freezer that melted and drained down the back of the fridge in a special reservoir for water.

    A week later, it was rotten and moldy. Because of the way the fridge was built, I had to syphon it out through a grate in the back, rinse, syphon, rinse, and syphon. What a mess.

    Eat the boxed ice cream first!

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