Wireless Updates for iPhone (and, I hope, iPad)

If, as CNET and others are reporting, over-the-air updates for iOS devices will be available with version 5 of the software, it seems to me that it could open up the platform to a lot more users.

Yes, there could be issues with security, but say grandma wanted to have a computer for things like email, browsing the web and facetime, the iPad would be excellent — except now it has to be tethered to a computer. Even better would be the rumored cloud-based storage and backups, and no need to be tethered to iTunes, that could persuade a lot of savvier sons and daughters to go ahead and get mom that iPad to keep in touch with the grandkids.

I know people who would jump on an iPad as their only computer if they didn’t actually need a computer to activate and update it. So, Apple, when can we expect it?

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