Nice Review of Final Appearance

Small Press Reviews has this to say about Final Appearance:

“A shark attack, a starlet in hiding, a mysterious black box. The opening pages of Stephen Stark’s The Final Appearance of America’s Favorite Girl Next Door have all the makings of a Hollywood page turner, but the novel’s style places the author in a far more literary league.” Read more at Small Press Reviews.


Reamde, Neal Stephenson’s newest novel, is, as many reviewers have noted, a doorstop of a thriller. That much is true. All through my reading, though, which took me way longer than many of his other novels, I kept thinking that the book ought to have been shortened by about 300-500 pages. That’s not a statement I would make about Stephenson’s other door stop-sized books.

I started reading Stephenson a long time ago, but I don’t recall exactly how I first came across  Snow Crash. What I do remember how I got so totally hooked on the novel that I spent one late night during a family vacation more or less hiding in a bathroom at a beach rental Continue reading