The New Issue of Shelf Unbound Is Out, and Free, and I Will Be in the Next One

And you can get it here. The folks at Shelf Media Group are fixing to publish my novel, The Final Appearance of America’s Favorite Girl Next Door in October as an ebook. I’m going to try to get a little more diligent about posting on the progress. This is a huge experiment for them and for me.

The novel was, of course, rejected by all of the finest old world publishing houses in New York, but the weird thing about the rejections was there was essentially no common theme. I’ve been sending out stuff for centuries and my experience had always been that there was a common theme — peripheral characters were a bit thin. Main character too whatever. 

But with this novel, the comments were all over the board. One editor admired the subtlety and depth of the prose. Another felt that the prose wasn’t sufficiently subtle to carry the story. Continue reading