A totally sensible way of looking at reading on a tablet

On A List Apart, Craig Mod has a totally spot-on inquiry into the different ways of looking at content on an iPad, and the different metaphors for book, magazine, newspaper, and so forth. This is something that I’ve always found fascinating, and it’s not just electronic publishing.

This may sound like it’s out of left field, but the first time I ever saw vinyl siding, I sort of looked at it and wondered why on earth it had to look like wood. Continue reading

It is fiction that an ebook purchase is in any way similar to buying a print book

Another interesting post from the pretty much always interesting Mike Shatzkin. In an earlier post of my own, I wondered what the point was in using a old-dead-tree-type-publisher to publish your book electronically, given that they have essentially no idea how to do it.

In Shatzkin’s latest post, From where I sit, you can’t actually “sell” an ebook (I “sit” in the same place), he makes the important point that in selling an ebook, neither the author nor the publisher is actually selling the book in the same way a physical book is sold. Shatzkin: Continue reading