Collingwood lights

If you’re in Northern Virginia, you’re going to have to get yourself on over to 1601 Collingwood Rd, off Rt 1 in Alexandria (park across the street in the retirement home and tune your radio to 88.1) and see the light show. When I have more time, I’ll post a video. 

Discovered through Holly’s Tacky Christmas Lights, this really isn’t tacky in any way. Thoughtful and actually beautiful. 

Social Reading — Smarter people than I with very interesting ideas

I’ve been talking with my friends at Shelf Unbound about bringing out my two, out-of-print novels, “Second Son,” and “The Outskirts” as ebook “reprints,” and my new novel, “The Final Appearance of America’s Favorite Girl Next Door,” as an original ebook, and so I was really interested in the idea of “social reading” as detailed in this post on Booksquare. Still not sure how this works, but I like it.

The fleas are wagging the dog

Personally, I really admire Blake Gopnik at the Washington Post for trying to be reasonable in a culture that is mostly not reasonable — see Blake Gopnik – Reaction to National Portrait Gallery’s ants-and-crucifix controversy — but it seems entirely pointless. I don’t mean it’s pointless to try to be civil. I mean it’s pointless to try to be reasonable with inherently and determinedly unreasonable people. Continue reading