Meat in a Box

Meat in a BoxAside from the marvelous name, Meat in a Box, also has a great sign. Kind of reminds me of the old White Castle and its “buy ’em by the bag” (maybe that’s why they call little burgers “sliders” these days). Haven’t tried the food because (perhaps) the place was closed for Ramadan. The claim on the sign that it is “so much more” seems inaccurate. You can see the menu through the window and it seems like it’s all meat in a box.

Update: Meat in a Box is now closed for repairs after a car crash damaged the place. I will have to wait to Try it.

Disappearing Hand Sanitizer

A friend who knows about these things told me that the Library of Congress has gotten rid of hand sanitizers. This was not because the LOC found itself to be germ-free. Or that they wanted their patrons to pass on whatever illnesses they might be carrying. Problem was, it was disappearing, as in stolen. With a little detective work, it turned out that it was being turned into liquid (adding a certain common household chemical turns the gel to liquid) and drunk. By, presumably, people who are extremely dedicated to the sanitizing of their innards.